Saturday, July 29, 2017

Camden and the Carolina Panthers

Hey everybody! Here's a funny story about Camden.

Camden is now 12. Even though he is non-verbal, he still communicates his wants and needs. I also believe he can read words since he will point out words on signs, clothing, in the newspaper, packaging, etc. and we say them. He will even match words, one time he pointed out "Scotts Fertilizer" from the Lowe's ad then he pointed to the same words on the Scott's Fertilizer bag on our porch.

Another thing about Camden, he LOVES the Carolina Panthers and when we are hunting for treasures at Goodwill, he will point out the Panthers items, no matter what it's printed on! Case in point-we were at the Goodwill in Cornelius and I was looking through the skirts and he was beside me. He saw a lady and ran up to her. Before I could stop him, he, um, pointed on the letters "Carolina Panthers" across her shirt! Cue the OMG!! moment I had. I just about died! Thank goodness she was understanding about some random child coming up to her, feeling her up basically, and laughing about it! I explained to her Camden had autism and he was non-verbal but he recognizes words of things he likes, one being Carolina Panthers. Gah! I still cringe just thinking about it!

Until next time!

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