Saturday, July 29, 2017

6 Foot Tall Women

Anna is now 15 years old. Time still marches on, whether we like it to or not! Wasn't she just 7? And Monkey Boy 4? More about Monkey Boy Camden in a later post. This is a funny one about Anna.

So one thing about me is that once I am in bed, I like to STAY in bed. Just me, my Amazon Fire Tablet, and choice of social media. I am not a happy person if I have to answer questions, find something that has suddenly gone missing, put Monkey Boy back to bed, etc. 
But as much as I hate getting out of bed, Anna hates getting out of the tub! Here's proof from Monday night.

So I'm in bed, catching up on everyone else's life online and Anna is in the tub. It's about 10 pm. Anna calls out "Mom....MOM....MOM!!!" Ignoring her doesn't work so I holler back:
Me-"What is it? Don't wake up Camden by hollering" (oh the irony since I'm hollering too)
Anna-"Come here!"
Me-"Just tell me, I don't want to get out of bed!"
Anna-"It's a question!"
Me-"Tell me!"
Anna-"It's a long one, just come here!"

So I grudgingly get out of bed, thinking this better be a good question! I go in the bathroom and she says.....

"Have you ever met a 6 foot tall woman?"

REALLY YOUNGIN'! You got me out of bed for THAT?! As irked as I was, I immediately started laughing from the randomness, which is so typical of Anna.

Me-"Yes, as  matter of fact, I have. There were some really tall women's basketball players that lived in my dorm and one girl was 6 feet tall." 
Anna-"Did you know Taylor Swift is 5 11? There's a photo of her and Ellen and Ellen is really short compared to her!"
Me-"I bet it was Photoshopped and I bet I'm going back to bed now!"

We'll tag this one as #lifewithteenagers 

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