Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Sew" What's Up?

Happy weekend dear readers! We are loving this gorgeous spring weather here in NC. My allergies, however, aren't loving it so much but thank goodness for allergy medicine.

Anna has always said she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up. She has quite the flair for fashion and putting outfits together. Our local 4-H had a beginning sewers class last week and since I was working, Anna and my mother in law Linda went to it. Linda is a great seamstress and she was a great help to Anna in the class. If I went to the class, it would have been like "the blind leading the blind" since I have never sewed before.

Anna picked out her fabric, a blue and black zebra striped cotton and black beaded trim. It is so HER! We made a hair pretty since she needed to accessorize her outfit. Next we are making round fabric flowers (yo-yo flowers) to go on her shirt. Too cute! Here's the finished product. The black and white jacket totally clashes with it but that was part of her ensemble today without the skirt.

We went to my mom's today to sew on the trim. That was not fun plus mom's machine is quite finicky. We got it done though, it was a nice lesson in patience. In defense of her sewing machine, it is 40+ years old. I'd like to try to sew something on a newer model and see if it is still a pain in the tail to use or if it would be worth it to invest in one.

Everyone who took the class has to be in a fashion show in May to show off their garment and the clothes will be judged on workmanship. It will be interesting to see if Anna still wants to be a fashion designer after this. We will look into the 4-H sewing club for next year and see if she wants to do that. She is in a 4-H cooking club now and she really likes that. If there is 4-H in your area, I highly recommend trying it out for your kids. It is not all raising chickens and judging livestock. We are in a small county but our 4-H offers a lot for youth, especially in the summer.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and Happy Palm Sunday tomorrow!


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