Saturday, March 3, 2012

Food Friday-Oreo Truffles

Happy weekend dear readers! We had some NASTY storms come through our area last night, the ones that tore through KY and IN, but thankfully we only got rain in our county. Our daffodils and camelia bushes liked it and my avocado plant (Anna has named it Horace) is growing like crazy. I hope every one of you all who read this is safe and did not see any damage. I bought Tim a weather radio for Father's Day last year and it is a great investment.

I went to a mom's group lunch on Wednesday and I made Oreo Truffle balls. They were fantastic! Only 3 ingredients! That's my kind of recipe. I have a Wilton chocolate melter and I love using it. Here is the recipe:

•about 2/3rds of a package of Birthday Cake Oreos (1 1/2c crumbled)
•4oz Fluffy White Frosting
•white chocolate bark

1.Crumble Oreo cookies in food processor.
2.Add in frosting and combine.
3.Scoop into 2t balls and let set up in fridge for just a bit.
4.Melt chocolate bark and coat truffles (To make the chocolate smooth and easier to work with, add maybe a teaspoon of shortening to the chocolate and stir well).
5.Return to fridge to set.

YUMMY! These made 17 truffles.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We get to see one of my best friends since high school today and her 5 month old! Can't wait to meet him!

Until next time,

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