Saturday, February 18, 2012

Going Casein Free

Good afternoon readers! I hope you all are having a great weekend so far. It is so quiet in our house, Tim is working (it is tax season after all), Anna is at grandma's, and Monkey Boy is asleep on the couch. Time to update the blog!

We have started Camden on a casein free (or CF) diet. We took him to a doctor in Charleston, SC in December to get some answers regarding his autism and see if there was anything we could do to help his behavior. We did some lab tests and Camden has a sensitivity to casein, the protein found in milk products, and this is not unusual in children with autism. Thank you Lord this is his only food sensitivity and we're not looking at a gluten free, soy free, yeast free, etc. diet.

It has been relatively easy to stick with this CF diet. Tim and I went to the swanky new Earth Fare store in Huntersville and I bought some Daiya non-dairy/vegan mozzarella cheese since Monkey Boy loves his cheese quesadillas! The cheese is actually pretty good and doesn't taste weird, like I'm eating chemicals. It melts too!

I always do a special dessert for Valentine's Day and since most baked goods were out of the question due to Camden's CF diet, I bought two containers of Haagen-Daz sorbet, which is not made with milk. Aren't they cute?

I bought Mango and Raspberry and they are both AWESOME! The mango reminds me of summertime and I love the color of the raspberry. Camden loves them too, we have a few bites after supper every night. I'll be on the lookout for different flavors, the peach and strawberry flavors sound delicious.

I've had to study the school breakfast and lunch menus closer now and sometimes I have to send his food to school. Did you know that Pop-Tarts and Cheerios are not made with milk? I'm so glad Camden is a good eater and he loves to drink almond milk.

If any of you all want more information about the doctor we saw in Charleston or more specifics about the CF diet, just send me an e-mail

Have a great week everybody!

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