Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day = Eating and Shopping!

Today is a snow day here in NC. Schools were closed and I didn't have to go in to work. I shudder to think how much work will await me when I go in later this week. However, when it snows and I'm stuck inside, I just want to 1. eat and 2. shop!

I read about a big sale on Lilly Pulitzer home items at
Garnet Hill.
I just bought this Lilly shower curtain for NINE. DOLLARS. Woo-hoo! It was originally $88! Won't it look so cute paired with yellow towels? Garnet Hill has some great deals in their clearance section so check it out.

As far as food, I recently made Quickie Chocolate Stickies from a recipe Tim found. His mom used to make these all the time when he was younger and I guess he got a hankering for them and he found a recipe on the Hershey's website. I'm glad he found the recipe with actual measurements since one time I asked Tim's mom for the recipe to include in a family cookbook. She was like "Oh, maybe this much chocolate, I don't know, a few tablespoons or so, a bit of sugar, maybe, 1/4 cup? Just eyeball it" and my OCD self was like "I NEED MEASUREMENTS"!

We deviated from the online recipe (we're such deviants LOL) and used a 9x13 glass pan instead of a mini muffin pan or 8" round pans. We gobbled them up in a day! So good.

Have a great week dear readers!

Until next time,

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