Friday, October 15, 2010

Renaissance Festival

Happy Friday everybody! This is field trip season at the kids' school, Monkey Boy's class saw Disney on Ice in Charlotte last Friday and this past Tuesday I went with Anna's class to the Renaissance Festival in Huntersville. Check out the photos in the slideshow to the right/above.

I didn't know what to expect out of the Ren. Fest. but it was so interesting and educational (more so than the Disney on Ice field trip but that was fun too). The best way to describe it is like an interactive theme park. The "cast" is dressed in Renaissance costumes and you can also rent costumes. There were tons of booths with artisans selling their wares and they were so tolerant of all the school kids coming up, feeling the jewelry, hats, clothes, crowns, etc. and they would actually talk with the kids about how they made the items and let them try it on. It seemed like every time we turned a corner, there was a performance of some sort going on, whether it was a falconry show, minstrels singing and playing instruments, or jesters doing their comedy act.

We saw a jousting exhibition, listened to a story teller while painting on her dress, met Twig the Fairy, ate too much at a bakery (did they have cream horns during the Renaissance? Doesn't matter, they were delicious, as always), saw a fire juggling performance, stopped at every single last jewelry booth, and rode a few rides.

The highlight of the festival, especially for the boys, was the Green Man. He was sitting in a nook with a big blog of green silly putty. He would put it in his brass pot and tell the kids to press on it, and it would make a "pfffffffftttt" sound, much to the great amusement of the kids.

There are different Ren. Fests. that take place all over the country and after going to this one, I would recommend attending one at least once.

I hope you all have a great weekend! The weather has finally turned cooler again so we'll probably visit the mountains this weekend and look at the leaves.

Until next time,


Bella Michelle said...

Yes, we have done the Ren. Festival in Atlanta...Once...that was enough! LOL Actually, I wonder if they tone things down during the week when they know school children will be tromping through? We went on a weekend and it was 738 degrees (well, it felt like it! LOL) and there were quite a few "things" on display...not arts and crafts mind you! Glad you had fun!

Diane said...

Just found your blog on Southern Mommas and now following you. I'm just next door to you in Maiden.
You know, I have never been to the renaissance festival. I should really think about going one year! ;)