Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Teaching and the Path of Life

Hi everyone! Lately I've been thinking about how ironic it is what path you are on in life especially when it comes to your job. That's a deep thought but for the past two weeks I've been actively pursuing getting approved to be a substitute teacher for our public school system. I thought I would only have to take the training class and I would start subbing in the next few days. I was surprised (in a good way) all the hoops I've had to jump through, though it is good the school system really checks out their potential employees!

I took an all day training class with about 50 other people two weeks ago. I had to fill out an application, submit my college transcript, get a physical, get a TB test, go back and have it read then get a tetanus shot (I forgot how much those hurt! Wow my arm was sore), then observe in a classroom for a day, then go back to the doctor and get a drug screen, make an appointment to get fingerprinted at the Sheriff's office THEN get approved by the school board! Gracious! I was disappointed to find out it is too late to be approved by the school board at this month's meeting on Wednesday but I'll be on the list for November. Once that happens I will get a letter with my log in name and PIN for the substitute computer system where I can check to see what dates and schools need subs. I'm tired just thinking about what all I've done the past two weeks. And get this, if you don't sub at least once in a school year, you have to go through ALLLLLLLL that again. Believe me, I'm going to keep my substitute status active.

But back to my deep thought (there is a point to this rambling). What is ironic is when I was in college, I did not have any desire to be a teacher. My degree is in Communications and Journalism. I wanted to work as a copywriter for an ad agency. So after many twists and turns in my career path, now I teach 11th and 12th grade English at a private school two mornings a week and I want to be a sub on the days I don't work at the private school. It's so amazing how God works and gets you on the path for your life and His timing is perfect.

I really don't think I'll go back and get my teaching certificate in order to teach at a public school (the private school only requires a college degree in a related field) since I would have to take 10 Education classes plus do a student teaching semester and I feel that would be too disruptive to my family life. Tim works day and night during tax season and that is disruptive enough. I might take a Foundations of Secondary Education class but I have learned SO MUCH from my four years of teaching at the private school. Believe me, I don't "wing it" when I'm teaching English and my Headmaster is a great mentor and advisor. I do my best and I hope my students can see that I love English and the written word and I'm passionate about it. I think once I start substituting I'll realize real fast if I want to pursue getting a teaching certificate or not.

Thanks for listening and reading! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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