Sunday, March 29, 2009


One of my simple pleasures in life is reading magazines. Maybe it's my short attention span? There is nothing better than reading a new magazine while taking a long, hot bath after the kids have gone to bed. Aaaahhhh...

Here's what I currently subscribe to:

From left to right: Family Fun, In Style,Vanity Fair, Southern Living, All You, Martha Stewart Living.

I like each one for different reasons. My favorite right now is All You, which is full of practical ideas, great recipes, and it has real women as models that are actually larger than a size 2 and the clothes they are wearing are priced reasonably, no $3000 handbags here (that's why I hate reading Vogue).

I've been a subscriber to Vanity Fair since 1993! There is a great variety of articles and I'm a big fan of Annie Leibovitz, I love her photos. Here's the first issue I bought, I really like Andie MacDowell:

At Christmas, I look forward to the holiday issues of magazines. Here's my stash of Christmas magazines:

My mom and her neighbors are in a "magazine swap club" and I enjoy flipping through what's currenly being passed around (Food Network magazine, Veranda, Real Simple, etc.). And for the record, I don't clip magazine articles, I like keeping the whole magazine. After a while, I weed through the stack and pass them on to my mom.

Have a great Sunday! I'm going to catch up on some magazine reading.

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