Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lilly Finds at Goodwill

I just LOOOOVE Goodwill! We have wonderful stores in our area and the company does great things in terms of job training and helping people get back to work. Before I became a SAHM, I worked for them as a Career Development Specialist and I loved that job.

But back to the Lilly clothes....

I found this Manta Ray Patch skirt last week at Goodwill (in my size too! Woot!) and thought I would take a photo of all the Lilly I have bought from Goodwill. As you can see, I've bought skirts, shirts, a Starlight shift dress, and a few pair of shorts not pictured. This does not include my daughter's Lilly that she has outgrown and I have sold to other Lilly Lovers. Please excuse the lack of cute styling of the clothes on the couch...

I am always looking for Lilly whenever I'm at a Goodwill. If it's not in my size, I resell it for a nice profit on eBay or on my Yahoo group, Lilly Pulitzer Buy and Sell, click the link if you want to join.

Have a great weekend!

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