Monday, March 31, 2008

McDonald's Iced Coffee

Oh. My. Goodness. Have y'all tried this? It is my new favorite beverage. Lincolnton has a coffee shop but it's on the Court Square and parking is a pain. McD's is right next to Monkey Boy's school and I'm all for convenience. Since Lincolnton is probably the only town in our hemisphere that doesn't have a Starbucks, I feel like I'm somewhere urban (like say, Gastonia) while I'm tooling around in the minivan, drinking an iced coffee out of a clear cup (it doesn't take much to amuse me).

I usually get the medium vanilla, and for $1.69 + tax, it's a great bargain! The other flavors are regular and hazlenut. I haven't tried the hazlenut, usually hazlenut flavoring makes coffee too sweet for my taste.

I had an allergy attack today and took a Benedryl this morning. I was still feeling sleepy at 2 pm so I loaded up Monkey Boy and I got one of these. It was nice not having to share (that's awful, but when my kids see anything with a straw in it that is not theirs, they want it NOW) and I took a little break, slowly relishing each sugary slurp while waiting in the carpool line at Kangaroo Girl's school. MMMMMM!

Try it and tell me what you think. You won't be disappointed.

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