Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My New Red Hot Machine!

Well, I finally pulled the trigger and bought myself a Kitchenaid stand mixer! I follow a wonderful couponing/deals site, Southern Savers, and they had this as a featured, one-day only deal with Best Buy last week. It was at an amazing price, almost in the Black Friday Deal price range, so I snapped one up.

I was stalking today waiting for it to be delivered. On my lunch hour, I bought some strawberries, heavy whipping cream, and 10X confectioner's sugar at Ingles. I wanted to be prepared to make something with my new toy so after supper tonight, I made homemade whipped cream and served it with the strawberries. So easy! Here's the recipe I used: Homemade Whipped Cream from

Now to decide what accessories, if any, do I need? Hmmm....maybe a smaller bowl. I'll see how much I use the mixer outside of making things to bake (and I love to bake!) then try to justify getting an accessory, like the pasta maker or spiralizer, which does look pretty cool. How about the ice cream maker? That's nifty too.

I'll keep checking Southern Savers and if they run a super sale on the mixers again, I'll post it on Facebook and on here. I love a great deal!

Y'all have a great evening, it's kick-off time for the Panthers pre-season game! Go Panthers!


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