Sunday, November 2, 2014

We Were Minding Our Own Business When....

Good morning everyone! Happy Daylight Savings Time Ending to you! We all slept amazingly last night. Before we went to bed, we had an interesting evening.

Beans, beans, good for your shirt!
Mom and Dad picked up Anna and she spent the night with them. Tim, Camden, and I decided to go out to eat since we have a gift card we need to use up. So we picked a Mexican restaurant. We are waiting on our food, eating chips, when the waitress came by with a full tray of food for the couple sitting behind us. The weight of the plates shifted and she fell and this big plate of black beans went flying and it hit the corner of our table, the plate broke and the black beans went EVERYWHERE. The back of Tim's shirt was covered in black beans, my sleeve had beans on it, and even Camden got hit! Oh my gosh, it was a hot mess (literally)!

Just a small portion of the stains
on Tim's shirt!
Immediately, the manager came out and about 5 other wait staff came out, apologizing and cleaning up. I felt so bad for the waitress. They offered to pay our dry cleaning bill if necessary-I think everything will come out in the regular laundry-and dinner was free. I'm glad no one was hit by the flying porcelain when the plate broke. In all my years on this Earth, I have never seen that happen before! So we get another chance to burn our gift card at another time.
Gotta get those steps in!
Other random things going on in our life: Anna misses cross country and she told me she wants to start training again this week! Well you go girl! It just so happens that I am in a contest at work, sponsored by our Wellness Committee, to see how many steps you walk in a week for the month of November. We have pedometers and have to walk a minimum of 10,000 steps in a week for the first two weeks then it goes to 20,000 steps the last two weeks. If you meet your goal, you are entered in a drawing for 1 of 3 Visa gift cards! Not too shabby for the holidays! So Anna and I will be running/walking on the local Rail Trail here soon.

We got a new mailbox, we have our suspicions that the leaf truck that comes around hit it during the weekly pick up time. The mailbox is bigger and nicer. No word on if the owner of the leaf truck will pay for it....

This sums up our Halloween!
 Halloween was great, but it was rained out! We dropped Anna off at a Halloween party for her youth group then it started POURING down rain, thunder and lightening, the whole works. We hung out at my parent's house since it was close to where Anna was. Camden did not get to go trick or treating but that's ok, he came home with a ton of candy from school! The day before, I went on a field trip with his class to the pumpkin patch. we had a great time and he enjoyed it! At work, we handed out candy to the munchkins who go to a developmental day care center, the same one that Camden goes to in the summer when school is out. There were about 50 kids and their parents who came by as part of a Parade of Spooks. We loved seeing their costumes and they were so precious.

Also the day before Halloween, that night actually, Anna sang the National Anthem with 3 other girls in the school talent show. Shout Out to my Aunt Caryl who wanted a video so here's a video of the first 10 seconds, Anna is on the far left:

There is a lot of talent at the middle school! One 7th grade boy did a hip hop dance and he killed it! It was mindblowing. He looked like your average pre-teen kid but he tore it up. The crowd went nuts! For the finale, the chorus sang part of "Thriller" and they had dancers too. It was a great show!

Y'all take it easy, I better start getting ready for lunch at the in-laws. Don't want to scare anyone with how I look LOL! Halloween is over!


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