Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just Rolling Along....

You know, this thing!
Hi everybody! How's it going? School is still going well, Camden has adjusted to his new teacher. He is thriving in a smaller class with only 5 children. What is he doing now? He is flopping on Anna's bed, face first, kind of like that old school "drinking bird" you could put on the side of a drinking glass. He's laughing his head off too. Goofball!

He did something new yesterday, he brought me the bucket of large Lego's and wanted me to play with him. This bucket has been in our den for years and he has never taken an interest in them, pretend play is kind of hard for children with autism. We sat on the floor in the den and built a tower with them. Excellent use of fine motor skills, you can tell we have been through physical and occupational therapy before.

Anna has just finished her reading, thankyoujesus she only has 4 nights of reading to do and give a brief summary. Last year it was 5 nights of reading, give a summary, write down what you got from the reading, and what is a question you have about the reading. It about did us in last year, lots of wailing and gnashing of teeth, in addition to the other homework she had. Here's my .02 on homework: if she has homework to do, that's her monkey on her back and not mine. If she doesn't do it, she'll face the consequences and embarrasment and bad grades when she gets to school. If she needs help with math then starts arguing with us about "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!!!" then nope, ain't nobody got time fo dat. It's all you, girlfriend. You need to pay better attention in class and bring home the textbook so we can at least figure out what the heck a "ray" is in geometry. We're trying to help but we will not tolerate being snarked at. The timer is set for 20 minutes, then after that you are done, no ipod, no goofing off the rest of the night. If she is working hard and really trying instead of procrastinating, then we will let her finish as long as there is no distractions and she isn't sneaking looks at her ipod or whatnot. We have come a long way since last year and yes parents, it does get better. Time management is a hard thing to learn.

I have a sore throat, the munchkins have not felt well the past week and I think I caught it from them. It is time to move the vaporizer from Anna's room into my bedroom tonight. Thank goodness for night time Alka Seltzer so I can get some decent sleep.

Even though I have a sore throat, I really want to bake some stuff since the weather has turned off just a touch cooler. I don't cook whenever I'm feeling under the weather in case it is a virus. I snagged some apples our Cooperative Extension was giving away at work, our local Apple Festival is next weekend, and I am going to eventually make an apple crisp. I will post it on here. I've made it before and it is really easy and so good.

I say ol' chap, it's time
for a spot of tea!
 Ugh, off to make something hot for my throat. I bought an electric water kettle at Aldi's today, we were hunting one up last December when we took a trip to Raleigh and figured we could use it in the hotel room if we got a hankering for mac and cheese or noodle soup. I couldn't find one anywhere! I grabbed this one today at Aldi's, it reminds me of my college days and heating up water for noodle soup or grits. It does heat up water faster than the kettle on the stove. It's tea and cookies time! That should make everyone feel better.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

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