Sunday, August 3, 2014

Latest Sewing Projects

Hi Readers! How's it going?

Speaking of going, that's about all we have been doing the last 2 weeks. Anna had drama camp 2 weeks ago, which was amazing, and the past week she had sewing camp in the morning and international cooking camp in the afternoon. Next up for this week is art camp for two afternoons then the next week is Recycling and Repurposing camp. Busy busy!

The theme of drama camp was "A Day in the Life of Drama". The instructors taught the kids how to audition, what stage directions mean, how to be a good audience member, and how to cooperate with the rest of the cast. During the audition workshop, all students had to introduce themselves and sing a song or dance. Now my child has about 800 songs on her iPod, she took chorus last year, and sings all the time. Did she sing a Broadway number like Defying Gravity or Hard Knock Life? NO! She gets up there and sings Happy Birthday! Goofball! She said sooooo many little girls sang "Let It Go" from Frozen. I bet!

This past week, sewing and cooking camp were in the same building where I work so that was convenient. In sewing class, they learned how to make a tissue holder and an apron. They cut fabric, wound their bobbin, threaded their machine, and learned what to do in case something goes wrong. I even learned something which was to gently let your presser foot down on the fabric and not flick the presser foot lever down hard. Ooops! The saying "you learn something new every day" is true!

Design From
Our latest sewing project here at home were these patch pocket t-shirts. When we were at the beach, we saw some at the Hallmark store at the mall for $26! I said, um no, I can do that for a heck of a lot cheaper. So when we got back home and $2 later, I had the bought the anchor design and merged in the letters from a monogram font I already had. Anna picked out the pocket fabric and thread for the design. These turned out great! Anna loves wearing them, which makes me happy she likes to wear something I made her. My department Director at work told me "It's not homemade, it's a 'custom piece'"! I like that.

I'm writing this while our supper is cooking (pizza) and the oven just dinged. I'll give a recap of cooking camp later this week and share a recipe of what Anna liked the best. Stay tuned!

Have a great week everyone!

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Sandra said...

Who enjoyed the camps more, you or Anna? Loved the post.