Saturday, August 9, 2014

Guess What Is Evil-According To Anna

Happy weekend everyone! We are going to a family reunion tonight and I am taking a break from cooking to share this funny story with you.

A few weeks ago, Anna went to Sunday night service with my parents and the sermon was about idolatry. The Pastor said "We must flee from idolatry, we as a nation have turned to idolatry and it is evil." Mom said Anna made a face and got all huffy and ill about it and had a mean face on. My Mom and Dad were like "????" Now Anna doesn't have posters up in her room of Bieber or 1D so idolatry isn't really an issue. They were wondering what in the world she was getting all jumped up about.

After church, Mom asked Anna what was wrong and she said "I can't believe the Pastor said the Dollar Tree was evil and we should turn away from it!" Mom said "He was talking about IDOLATRY, having idols, not the Dollar Tree!" Bahaha!

Moral of The Story: clean out your ears! At least Anna was paying attention!

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