Sunday, July 20, 2014

Starting Over with Blogging

Greetings readers! Life got crazy and recently I read through this blog. I loved looking back and seeing what we did when the kids were younger, it was like a life snapshot. I haven't blogged since May, 2013 and I feel like I missed out on documenting our lives with a visual diary. So therefore, I'm back!

I hope to get back in the swing of things and post about our daily life so Kangaroo Girl and Monkey Boy can look back and see what we did. Isn't technology great? I wish I could look back on my life when I was a kid and see photos and read my mom's take on events and daily happenings.

So without further ado, let's catch up, shall we? The saying "The more things change, the more they stay the same" rings true. I'm still sewing, still love my Lilly clothes and am always hunting for a bargain. Still love coffee and sweets and baking. Monkey Boy is still monkeyish and Kangaroo Girl thinks she is a teenager. Tim still puts up with all our shenanigans!

But what has changed is I'm more streamlined in my life. I work full time in a different job (promotion, woot!) which some days has been quite the challenge as I had to learn a new set of skills with a higher degree of accuracy and accountability. It has been draining but a great learning experience and it has taught me so much in dealing with change and more responsibility. I'd come home from work and immediately shift into Home Mode with all the usual cooking dinner, laundry, help with homework, keep Monkey Boy settled, lay out clothes for the next day, figure out the next day's dinner, plan lunch errands, etc. etc. Blogging took a back seat. So did intensive meal planning, putting together perfect outfits for work, book club, reading magazines, and tv watching. I was WORN SLAP OUT by the time bedtime came around.

After the dust would settle and if I had any energy left, I would wind down at night and read blogs on the iPad. But what I noticed was more and more people left blogging for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Now I love me some Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (I'm not on Twitter) but I missed reading everyone's blogs. Kangaroo Girl would say to me "Mom, you haven't blogged in XX months!" then I saw her looking at this blog page yesterday, seeing if it was updated. I decided to start up the ol' blog again since I don't want her and Monkey Boy to miss out on remembering what was going on in our everyday life.

 I always liked this blog since you can't pigeonhole it as a shopping blog with affiliate links, a blog about our struggles with autism, raising an almost teenager, a travel blog, a recipe blog, or a random thoughts blog with snippets about my day, kind of like Twitter in blog form. It is what it is! You won't see shopping links, requests to follow me on Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter/Facebook (I'm pretty boring and read other people's posts more than I post), or one kind of topic. It is multi-faceted, just like me!

Old friends, thanks for sticking with me and a big welcome to any new readers!

Recipe to follow!

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Sandra said...

NO, I didn't blog, but wrote your history in your baby book until the day you married at 29! Not to mention all the photo albums. Just kidding; love reading your blog and getting inside your head.