Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cucumber and Tomato Salad

Tim has done an amazing job with our small raised garden. Our tomatoes and peppers went gangbusters this year. Last year, not so much due to tons of rain, everything was washed out. This year, everyone else's garden has busted out all over with produce and our neighbor left us a bag of tomatoes and cucumbers on our porch. What to do with all this bounty?

What my kitchen counter looks like!
Photo by Lynn Ketchum via the
Oregon State Univ. Extension Website
I don't can fresh foods so we have to eat it up somehow. I stumbled across a recipe for cucumber and tomato salad. I can put this together and have it chilling in the fridge while I make the rest of dinner.

Basically, you dice up as much peeled cucumber and tomatoes as you want and combine in a bowl. Pour some Italian dressing over it and refrigerate while you finish making supper. It goes well by itself or you can eat it with saltines or like a pico de gallo with pita chips. It is not as labor intensive as making bowls of salads and it comes together quick and keeps for a few days in the fridge.

Photo by Karry Hosford from the
My Website
 Not my photo, plus I don't add red onions (I don't do onions, ick). You'll find I will rarely add an original photo since it takes so long for me to upload it and get it how I want it on the blog. Much easier to grab a photo already on the web and it looks better too!

We have a ton of blueberries to use up and I'm going to make a blueberry buckle today. I'll post that recipe if it turns out. It seems easy enough.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday! Thanks for reading!



Caryl Parks said...

I've missed your blogs - they helped me feel like I was sort of keeping up with my family. Hope you do find the time to continue. KG and MB will really laugh years down the road, reading what you wrote!

Melissa in NC said...

Thanks Aunt Caryl! I have missed blogging. Can't wait to see you over the holidays!