Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Greetings readers and Happy Thanksgiving! This year Mom & Dad are taking
advantage of their newly-found free time due to retirement and are in Florida
for 10 days. Therefore, our little family will be at my in-laws for
Thanksgiving. We don't have to travel far, they live just two blocks away! I'm
making sausage balls and salted peanut chews. I featured the sausage balls not too long ago on here and if the salted peanut chews turn out decent I'll do them as a Food Friday entry.

We found the recipe for the salted peanut chews in a special Taste of Home
Christmas magazine. Tim was looking through it and suggested I try those
especially since I had almost all the ingredients on hand. I LOVE this time of
year when the special Christmas magazines and books come out. I did a happy
dance in the middle of our kitchen (much to Anna's embarrassment) when I
received not one but TWO Southern Living Christmas books in the mail yesterday! YAY! There is nothing better than turning down the corners of the pages for the
recipes I want to try or getting ideas for decorating our home.

I've seen this cartoon going around on Facebook and Pinterest and I have tried
hard this year to celebrate Thanksgiving and not jump from Halloween to
Christmas. However, time is a valuable commodity and last weekend we didn't
have anything going on so I put up the kids' two Christmas trees and decorated
our mantel. I have never had Christmas decorations put up this early but I had
the time and took advantage of it. I will decorate our porch on Friday and I'm
hoping to put up a big tree this year. Our tree color scheme is red and gold
and I'm having the hardest time finding shiny gold, non-round ornaments. I can find plenty of round balls but I need shaped ones, I love the icicle style and
onion shaped ones. I hate to buy a big ol' tub of ornaments just to get a few
shaped ones. Any suggestions?

I hope you all have a very Happy Thanksgiving, celebrated with those you love.

Catch you all on Food Friday!


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