Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Experience with Triples

No, not triplets, but triple coupons at Harris-Teeter.

Many of my friends are into couponing and saving big at the grocery store. Since I'm cheap thrifty, I wanted to get in on the mad couponing action but my time is quite limited these days. I don't have time to spend searching through stacks of inserts and grocery store ads looking for the match-ups of coupons plus what is on sale every week.

There are many good couponing websites out there but the one I use is We Use Coupons. The Forums are sorted by stores with sub-categories of the hot deals for the week and where to find the coupons. Members who have much more time than I do post the match-ups so yay for someone else doing the work for me!

The Find Coupons tab will take you to a coupon database. For instance, I was needing to buy Claussen pickles but wanted to locate a coupon. I searched for "Claussen pickles" and it listed what coupons were available and where to find them.

I had saved up the coupon inserts from the Sunday Charlotte Observer since the end of March and had a decent stash. When I heard that Harris-Teeter was doing triple coupons this week, I found the match-ups list and started clipping. It didn't take long to get my coupons together since I wasn't going to buy everything on the match-ups list. I bought an envelope style coupon organizer from the Dollar Tree and I was good to go.

I was actually apprehensive about going to H-T on Wednesday, I was afraid it would be like Black Friday at Wal-Mart with major crowds and crazed women with their coupon notebooks fighting over the last box of Eggo waffles or what not. I went on my lunch hour and I was surprised at the amount of stock left and it wasn't too crowded. Bottom line: I had $40 in groceries before coupons and spent only $13 after! Not too shabby! I went back yesterday and bought almond milk and brownies and spent a grand total of $.79 for BOTH. Wouldn't it be nice if groceries were this cheap all the time!

Have a great weekend!

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