Friday, April 2, 2010

Food Friday-Carolina Crab Cakes

Happy Easter weekend everybody! The kids and I are on Spring Break next week and we have lots of things planned. We don't want to get bored, do we?

Today's Food Friday selection is Carolina Crab Cakes courtesy of House-Autry Mills (I didn't receive anything in return for this, it's my honest to goodness opinion). One night last week, Tim had a hankering for fried oysters (I said "That's all you and you won't have to share"!) and he sent me to the store for some House-Autry seafood breader. He fried up his oysters and we had lots of breading left over in the box. We searched the House-Autry website and found the Carolina Crab Cakes recipe. I won't copy/paste the whole recipe so here is the link:

I used 2 cans of crab meat and a little of the fake crab (or "krab" as I've seen it called) finely chopped. We also added a few sprinkles of Old Bay seafood seasoning. I patted the meat mixture out thin and I fried them using my Fry Daddy. These were delicious! The breading wasn't heavy and it was tasty. Even the kids ate some. I halved the recipe two nights ago since I had some of the fake crab meat left over and the crab cakes turned out well then too. I served it with corn on the cob and garlic bread. Don't forget the cocktail sauce!

I hope everyone has a meaningful Easter weekend. Enjoy the sunshine!

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