Friday, March 19, 2010

Great Clothes Shopping Day!

Hey everyone! I really hit the jackpot today for kids' clothes. I hardly ever pay retail for Anna & Camden's clothes, or mine for that matter! Here's how it went down.

After helping my husband at his office, I hit the Goodwill. Our GW is wonderful and I go at least twice a week. I found Anna a snow suit and they are hard to find in the larger sizes. This one will be perfect next winter. I found a girl's Lilly corduroy dress with a polar bear print to resell next fall (size 5--anyone? I can send you a picture) and I found me a purple cable knit sweater. Oh! And a shoe rack for the bedroom since SOMEONE *cough* Camden *cough* broke our other one.

Late this afternoon, the mom of one of my friends called to tell me she's having her famous yard sale tomorrow and would I like to come by for a sneak preview? You betcha! I loaded up the kids and bought some cute things for summer and fall, spent $10 for it all. Great deals!

The best part of the day was going to my church's twice-yearly consignment sale tonight. This sale is huge and I got to shop an hour earlier than the other consignors since I snagged a 3 hr. volunteer time, only 12 of those are available. I found Camden a ton of shirts, pj's, and a few shorts. I was kind of disappointed in the selection of clothes for Anna but it's not like she's hurting for clothes. Mom went to a big consignment sale two weekends ago and found lots of cute clothes for Anna. I did find Anna a swimsuit, pair of sandals, and a few shirts. Only spent $26 and yay for that!

I don't have much to get to complete their summer wardrobes. I feel like I can get the rest of it from Old Navy and Target. It's stuff like sandals, a swimsuit or two for Anna, and pajamas.

However, with all this fun I had today with clothes shopping, now comes the icky part, washing all these clothes! My washer is packed with clothes and I forsee lots of laundry tonight. Then tomorrow I'm going to weed out the heavy winter stuff and put a few spring clothes into the mix. The weather is so fickle, it's hard to plan too much ahead. It's still way too cold for shorts but we can make do with short sleeves and a jacket.

Have a great weekend!

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