Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food Friday-Chicken Salad

Happy Weekend everyone! Today is unusual in that the kids are in school for 1/2 a day because we had to make up a snow day. I'm getting so much accomplished and it is so QUIET! I love it!

Today's Food Friday (albeit a day late) is chicken salad. I love eating chicken salad, just not making it. I refuse to boil a chicken, strip the meat off the carcass (gross), try to get all the seasonings right, and hope it's edible in the end. So I buy pre-made chicken salad.

Now these pre-made chicken salads always need a little something added to them, like tarragon, or more chicken, or sometimes I add one of the following: chopped grapes, pecans, apples, or almonds just to add some taste to it. I've had chicken salad which was mostly mayonnaise and that wasn't great either. However, I purchased a brand I never tried before from Food Lion and it is the best chicken salad I have tasted. Seriously. I would wake up and want to eat some on a cracker for breakfast.

The brand is Star's Private Stock All White Chicken Salad and they did not pay me to write this and I did not receive anything in return. This is solely my honest to goodness opinion. The chicken was in small bite size pieces, the base wasn't mayonnaise-y (is that a word?) and the spices were right on. I didn't have to add a thing to it. This would be perfect at a bridal shower in those phyllo dough shells or spread on a cracker or pita chips. I'm almost out so I'm going to pick up some more this afternoon. I'm even taking both kids with me to the grocery store, that's how bad I want some!

Have a great weekend!
♥ Melissa ♥

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