Sunday, September 28, 2008

Class Reunion, Part 1

Tis' the season for class reunions, we went to a class function last night for Tim's class and my 20th reunion is next Saturday, the same weekend as my mom and dad's 45th class reunion down in Florida.

Tim and I couldn't have graduated from more different high schools if we tried. He went to school with the same classmates from first through 12th grade. I moved around a lot as a child and I was with my classmates I graduated with from only tenth through twelfth grade. Tim had a little less than 200 in his graduating class, I had 675 in mine. His high school was in Lincolnton, mine was in Charlotte and in my tenth grade year, it was the largest high school in the state. Tim's high school was unpretentious, my high school was from an affluent section of Charlotte. For me, high school was so, well, high school.

But back to Tim's reunion. Tim's class officers did not plan a 20th reunion because they just didn't want to. A group of classmates decided to form a committee on their own and plan a nice 25th reunion to be held in 2011 and have a yearly class event leading up to the big blowout in 2011. Last night was the yearly event, which was held at a restaurant downtown. About 50 showed up and we sat around, ate, and talked. Lincolnton is so small, I knew a lot of people there and I didn't move here until I was 24! It was a nice warm-up to my reunion this coming weekend.

Now I haven't yet been to a class reunion from my high school. I skipped the 10 year and I decided to go to the 20th, mostly out of curiousity to see how everyone turned out. This is a real step outside of my comfort zone since I find it hard to make chit-chat. I told someone at Tim's reunion last night that my class was so large, I know I'll be introducing myself to people for the first time even though we graduated together! Look for an update eventually.

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Preppy Sue said...

Sounds like fun, good luck next weekend!