Sunday, June 15, 2008

Disney, Here We Come!

We are on vacation this week at Disney World. We made the trip in a record 13 hours from NC! Monkey Boy did not take a nap and BOY was he a cranky pants! So we had to stop and stretch our legs a few times. We are taking 2 days to drive back instead of one.

We stopped in Jacksonville at The Avenues Mall and the Belk's had a GREAT Lilly department! I tried on a few things (since my birthday is coming up) but nothing really jumped out and screamed "BUY ME!" It was nice to actually try on the clothes that I see in the catalogs since the nearest Lilly shop is in Charlotte.

Anyway, we are settled in, the kids are in bed, and there are computers in every unit. So I'll try to blog periodically this week and try to get some photos posted, we'll see. Thanks Mom and Dad for the new digital camera!

Talk soon!

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