Monday, May 19, 2008

Book Review-Lilly Pulitzer Entertaining Books

Essentailly Lilly-A Guide to Colorful Entertaining
and Essentially Lilly-A Guide to Colorful Holidays
by Jay Mulvaney and Lilly Pulitzer

Hi everyone! I recently read both of Lilly's books and wanted to give a review of both since they are similar in format.

The first is Essentially Lilly-A Guide to Colorful Entertaining. And colorful it is! I used to be a graphic artist and I notice the "design" and "page layout" of books. Cute sketches of ladies wearing Lilly. The photos are great too with family and friends, and there are nice photos of Lilly and her extended family. Did you know the Liza Capri and Minnie girl's dress are named after her daughters? The photos of Lilly in her hey-dey of the 60's are a scream! Very mod.

Each section is a time of day: Mellow Yellow Mornings, Think Pink Afternoons, and True Blue Evenings with 5 events under each time of day (Minnie's Sunrise Sail, Worth Ave. Window Shopping, Blue Moon Beach Supper, etc.).

Almost every event has a recipes. Also with each event is a list of either tips or locales such as "Great shopping streets of the world" and "Five tips for a power shop" in the Worth Ave. Window Shopping event. The recipes seem simple, Lilly is not Martha Stewart! In the book Essentially Lilly-A Guide to Colorful Holidays, Lilly says she is the "Queen of the shortcut".

Speaking of the Colorful Holidays book, there are many more recipes in there than in Colorful Entertaining. All the major holidays are covered plus Lilly's Birthday (November 10th), and a child's birthday party. Lilly talks about different parties she hosted on each holiday and it makes for good reading.

If you want a good introduction to how Lilly Pulitzer (the brand) came into being and like a "lifestyle" type book, get Colorful Entertaining. If you like to entertain and cook, get Colorful Holidays. I love them both, but for different reasons.

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Happy Reading!

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