Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Weeks Worth of News

Happy weekend everybody! After a good rainstorm yesterday, the weather here in NC has turned off cooler. To celebrate, I dragged out my yoga pants that have been packed away since early April. Total comfort.

It's been six weeks since I last posted so here are six things that have been going on in our corner of the world.

1. The kids started school and Anna loves her teacher! I signed up to be a grade parent/Room Mom for her class. There is talk of a Fall Festival later in the year so I forsee my free time becoming quite limited come October! Camden has the same teacher as last year and she is so good with him, as are the assistants in the classroom.

2. A new Goodwill opened up in Huntersville yesterday so we had to go check it out. It was crowded, even at 6:15 pm. I'm sure it was wall-to-wall mayhem when it opened at 9 that morning! Tim is great at finding awesome clothes for me, he found a pair of Lilly corduroy pants in my size! YAY! I found Camden a nice pair of Hartstrings pj's and a skirt for me. Afterwards we ate at the Cook House restaurant then hit the GW in Cornelius. It's an addiction!

3. Since school has started back, I'm putting sewing lessons on hold until the summer. I've got lots of projects planned. First on the list is to make another zebra tote bag since I bought enough material for two bags. Anna loves the one I made earlier in the summer. It holds at least 5 beach towels and all the random stuff you need for a beach or pool outing.

4. My fingernails are all one length, and that length is long. It has been YEARS since that has happened. I find myself staring at them during the day. It does not take much to amuse me! I need to find a good place to go for a manicure.

5. Our local Apple Festival is next weekend, a sure sign that fall is on the way! On the first floor of where I work, the County Home Extension agency has an office and a demo kitchen. The kitchen is in use every day this time of year and I can smell the apples cooking. The agency sells fried apple pies for a fundraiser before and during the Apple Festival. They also sell apple pies. Mmmmmmm.....

6. Another sure sign that fall is on the way is the children's clothing consignment sales. Around here, churches will hold clothing consignment sales as fundraisers and our church has a big one twice a year. It is a lot of work to sort, hang, tag, price, and drop off the outgrown clothes then work an hour at the sale then wash all the clothes you buy but the rewards are worth it in terms of great prices on cothes and the commission check! Anna has her own consignor number and she and I get to shop at the consignors pre-sale. We racked up on the Justice clothes for her that someone was selling new with tags. Camden got some great things too, we did good finding clothes for him at another sale two weeks before. Now the kids are set for fall/winter. As far as selling goes, Anna and I sold the majority of what we brought, espescially Anna's clothes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, maybe it won't be another six weeks before I update again!


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