Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun

Happy (day before) Halloween everybody! Today is also my and Tim's 12th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, he used 12 eggs to make a huge pile of French toast for breakfast. Delicious! Here's to a lifetime of many more anniversaries and great memories!

The kids are out of school tomorrow so we are headed up to the mountains to see my aunt and uncle at their cabin near Mt. Airy, NC. I don't know if we will get in any Trick-or-Treating due to being worn out from traveling but here is Camden in his costume:

Anna is so easy to scare. She will be hanging out in our home office and I'll tap on the window outside. She will scream and totally freak then she and I will bust out laughing. I got her good one night, she was in the tub and I kicked the door open and stood beside the door where she couldn't see me. I waited a few seconds and then....well, see for yourself, here is a re-creation of it:

Have a great Sunday everyone!
XOXO, Melissa

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