Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Recap + A Recipe

Greeting readers! I hope you all had a blessed and meaningful Easter. Here’s a recap of what we have been doing.

We made it through another tax season-YAY! To celebrate, we went to IKEA. Love that place. I don’t like shopping for clothes, but stuff for the house, bring it on! I could wander around IKEA all day long and so could Anna. She wanted to buy a chandelier for her room.

Monkey Boy lost his first tooth. WAAAHHH! My baby is growing up! He has another tooth loose too.

Anna was chosen as the BRAG student of the month from her class. She got to attend a special pizza lunch put on by Domino’s and also received a certificate for a free Domino’s pizza! WTG Anna!

I recently discovered a wonderful magazine at the dentist’s office, Taste of the South. It publishes every other month and they had yummy and easy recipes in the February/March issue. I whipped up this little appetizer that was featured, Gingersnaps & Strawberries. I got the honey flavored goat cheese at Aldi, it was a “Special Buy” earlier in the month.

Honey flavored goat cheese
Strawberries, sliced
Gingersnaps (I bought these at the Dollar Tree)

Wash and slice the strawberries. Put a dollop of goat cheese on each gingersnap and place a strawberry slice or two on top. Enjoy! So easy and refreshing.

Have a great week everybody!
XOXO, Melissa

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Kat said...

Yummy! Those look delicious!