Friday, May 22, 2009

Zoo Field Trip

On Thursday I was a chaperone to the NC Zoo in Asheboro with my daughter's first grade class. It was a great field trip! Everything ran smoothly, the weather was perfect, the children behaved themselves, and I got lots of exercise walking around the zoo.

We are members of the NC Zoo so we go a few times a year. However, there is always something new at the zoo (that sounds like an advertising slogan) when we go. This time it was the African pavillion. It used to hold birds and meerkats, but now it is home to a plants and flowers exhibit. The building will be renovated soon and all the animals have been shipped out to other zoos. The orchid display was gorgeous and it was like walking through a jungle.

Here is my daughter hamming it up on a rhinocerous sculpture. She is such a girly girl and loves her sunglasses! It was a great day and one she will remember for sure!

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