Friday, May 29, 2009

White Sandals

Every Southern gal worth her weight in grits knows you don't break out the white shoes until after Memorial Day. An exception is if you live in the Deep South and it's warm enough after Easter, then go crazy and show 'em off.

I am so hard on my sandals that every year I need to buy a new pair in brown and white. I don't pay much for them since they are so worn out by summer's end. Unfortunately, living in a small town there is not much of a selection of fashionable shoes. If Wal-Mart or Belk's doesn't have it, you are out of luck. I love shopping online since I don't have to schlep the kids to the mall.

I was in search of white sandals for this summer so a Google-ing I went. I had a great buying experience on The site has a huge selection of shoes, the shipping is reasonable, and you can find many coupon codes to use! I just purchased these white sandals for less than $25 including shipping! They are leather and so comfortable, I wore them this morning actually. I also bought Anna a pair of leather Keds and she is in the largest size they make in this particular style so they are hard to find. JC Penney had them in stock and they were here super fast.

The next time you are searching online for clothing, check out JC Penney. You won't be disappointed!

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