Saturday, May 9, 2009

Food Friday-Make Your Own Iced Coffee

Happy weekend everyone! I'm "a day late and a dollar short" with Food Friday but this week has been crazy and all the end of school activities are coming to pass. Busy busy!

I found this recipe in the latest edition of In Style magazine with Jennifer Garner on the cover. I loooooove McDonald's iced coffee but the cost adds up. Here's how to make iced coffee at home. I made a batch and it was pretty good!

3/4 lb. ground coffee
8 cups cold water, pref. filtered or bottled
liquid sweetener or simple syrup

Place the coffee grounds in a large bowl and pour 8 cups cold water over coffee. Soak overnight in the fridge. Cover another large bowl with cheesecloth and secure with rubber band. Scoop out coffee grounds a batch at a time and place on cheesecloth to let drain. Pour the strained coffee into a pitcher and use the grounds as fertilizer, among other things. You will have about 24 servings of very strong coffee concentrate that can be refrigerated for up to two weeks. Pour into a tall, narrow glass of ice (you can pour some of this coffee concentrate into an ice cube tray then the cubes won't dilute your coffee), filling it 2 to 3 inches from the bottom, and top with milk or water.

To sweeten the coffee, use a liquid sweetener, like DaVinci syrups (even our little Wal-Mart carries them), or try a simple syrup. Any Southerner will tell you that granulated sugar doesn't dissolve in cold beverages so a liquid sweetener is best.


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