Friday, April 10, 2009

Food Friday: Mini Cream Horns

I teach Career Planning to high school Seniors and I like to invite people from the community to speak to the class. Some guys in my class were interested in culinary school so I had a chef come and talk to us on Wednesday.

She was from the 36th Street Bakery and Cafe and is currently finishing up her Associates Degree in Culinary Studies. She did not disappoint! She brought in a huge tray of pastry goodies and my students devoured them! Then, after her presentation, she quizzed the students and whoever had the most correct answers received a $10 gift certificate to the bakery. How nice of them to donate such a great prize and bring free food for the class!

One of the goodies on the tray was mini cream horns, shown here with one of my cream horn molds.
This bakery is known for their big cream horns, along with other delicious pastries. My local Mom's group has coffee at the cafe every Thursday and everything they offer is fabulous! I have made mini cream horns before and here is the recipe I use, except I use cream horn molds, which you can buy here.

The chef said the bakery uses pre-made pastry dough but they make their own filling. These are SO GOOD! Enjoy!


Preppy Sue said...

Yum! I love that you invite people to come speak to the students, what a great experience for them!

Carl Nielson said...

Excellent strategy to have career-related "guests". Use the opportunity to have students practice their interviewing skills as well. Require each student to ask one question to the guest. This helps prepare the students for interviewing people as they investigate career options outside the classroom.

Also, Success Discoveries offers an "open" portal to excellent career and higher education research for high school students. Check it out at

The resources site also has items of interest for teachers that provide career exploration classes.

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